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The 1-2-3 METHOD  —  An Effective HEALING Protocol


Heal Yourself Topics

The 1-2-3 Method
3 Phases of Healing
Water for Health
Moist Heat Therapy
Lymph System Health
Fascial Health

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Increase WATER Consumption

When taking medications or herbal remedies, YOU MUST INCREASE WATER INTAKE!
This is always important when faced with an acute or chronic health condition.

Pure water in and of itself is very healing and rejuvenating to the body’s tissues, joints, organs and blood. Unfortunately, many people drink very little plain water, choosing instead to ingest up to 600-800 calories daily of flavored or processed juice and other drinks.

Therefore, analyze your own water intake. When fighting an illness or challenging condition, you may need as much as
100 ounces of water daily.

Read more about Water HERE


Healing is directly affected by diet and nutrition. The major culprits to diet are sugar, gluten, salt, alcohol, fats, nitrates/nitrites, meat, sodas, caffeine, etc.

All of these foods have two things in common: they cause and exacerbate INFLAMMATION, and they create a toxic, ACIDIC environment inside your body.

Your body heals best and sustains wellness via a diet that is ALKALINE-BASED. Eating more live foods such as vegetables, fruits, fresh juice, and the like, assures that you are ingesting LIVE ENZYMES — the natural healing force necessary to maintain good health.

Research repeatedly demonstrates that disease and illness are caused by an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen) in our body's cells. Our Western-based diet, being primarily acidic, does not support live enzymes nor a re-oxygenation of cells.

123 Method
When you use a TOPICAL (salve, spray, lotion) and an ORAL (tincture or tea) herbal remedy together, there is the potential for rapid, deep, and thorough health restoration.

There is good reason to consider this healing strategy:

  • TOPICAL — Assures permeation and assimilation into dermal and subdermal layers and cellular levels, including the Lymphatic System, tissues, joints, etc.
  • ORAL  — Assures immediate absorption into the bloodstream (bypassing the GI tract), allowing the herbs to penetrate deeply into affected body systems (joints, muscles, buffering sacs, organs, etc.).

The 3 Steps of the 1-2-3 METHOD suggest 1) apply a mineral-herbal-rich topical (transdermal) spray as a base, letting it absorb, 2) next, apply a deep penetrating topical salve, and 3) orally ingest an herbal remedy, such as a tincture or tea. In short, the 1-2-3 METHOD guarantees that the qualified herbs are safely assimilated by the body to affect both Symptoms and Causes of health disharmony in specific body areas.

CONDITIONS & INJURIES . . . excellent for:

  • life is a jumpInflammation around joints — bursae, sprain, or any condition that affects buffering membranes (bursae, synovial) around joints, especially elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, spine, neck, lower back
  • Bruising, dermal trauma, muscle tenderness
  • Joints and/or connective tissues (ligaments and tendons) demonstrating stiffness, achiness, tender points, swollenness, fatigue, clicks and creaks
  • General soreness or fatigue in body areas resulting from exercise, training, athletics, recreational activities, repetitive movement, etc.
  • Any condition or injury in which moist heat is very beneficial













Remember, this method suggests applying a topical spray, then a penetrating salve, supported by orally taking a tincture or tea

NOTE: A quick 1-2-3 METHOD chart is <HERE>. Below is a more detailed explanation describing the steps and application tips, including therapeutic benefits.


STEP 1:  Apply a Magnesium Spray and/or a Quick Relief Spraymuscle ache

: If you use both in your healing protocol, we recommend applying ONLY the MAGNESIUM SPRAY in Step 1. You can use the Quick Relief Spray anytime desired during the day for excellent 1-2+ hours relief and to support your healing protocol.


  1. Apply several times daily, as needed, in affected area of body, or where dis-ease and discomfort is occuring.
  2. Apply before and after periods of activity, and again before bed. Morning, afternoon, and evening applications are good.
  3. It is important to rub the spray for several minutes (past the initial cool sensation) to stimulate blood circulation in the affected tissue or joint area.
  4. Rub past the "stickiness" until the skin is silky smoothe and warm — this phase creates subsurface heat that moves the herbs to deeper cellular levels.This works very well to increase fairly immediate joint flexibility and pain relief. Relief spray
  5. Use lighter pressure for a sprain, bruise, very sore muscle, or painful area.
  6. When using a Magnesium Spray, follow the usage instructions to understand its quick benefits, and its effects on the skin during use. Importantly, rub in well and leave on at least 20 minutes for 100% absorption of the elemental Magnesium Chloride. At this point you can wipe any residue off and proceed to Step 2.
  7. When using only the Quick Relief Spray, simply rub in well and proceed to Step 2, if desired.



The skin is one of the largest organs of the human body and is the one most exposed to the environment. It is subject to a continual exchange of information, not just tactile but also concerning light and moisture. Therefore, it is always electrically active and is directly connected to the sympathetic nervous system and our emotions.

The skin sends and receives information to the entire body, although with different intensities depending on the location. For instance, the electrical activity of the dermis reflects its sympathetic sudomotor cholinergic function, which brings about continuous changes in the electrical conduction property of the skin, depending on external and internal stimuli. To make another example, the mechanoreceptors of the skin always give information on posture, using low-threshold mechanosensitive afferents. It is a mistake to think of the cutaneous surface as something unchangeable; on the contrary, it is always changing and directly participates in the homeostasis and healing ability of the human body.


Within our dermal layers lies the important Fascia. Fascia is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers, connects, and envelopes every structure in the body (sort of like a transparent tin foil) — each nerve, bone, muscle, organ of the body. The fascia is the largest mechanosensitive organ, and with its muscle, skin, and periosteal connections, it can cause symptoms possibly far from the source of the problem. (Note: Please read our detailed article about Fascia Health, <HERE>).

In addition, the fascia, as any other tissue including the skin does, keeps in itself the memory of the trauma, which means a symptom may occur without any apparent cause of direct stimulation. Fascia can be found superficially and deep within our body. The superficial fascia can be found just under the skin sandwiched between two layers of a honeycomb-like structure that contains fat tissue. Deeper within the body (deep fascia), fascial planes wrap around the muscles. Our lymph system flows through this deep fascia area.

You can begin to see that opening the skin pores to allow the permeation of therapeutic herbs is an important part of the 3 Phases of Healing: Inflammation (preceded by attempts at hemostasis), Repair, and Remodeling (read more about the 3 Phases of Healing HERE). Rubbing in a mineral-rich herbal remedy, and especially a transdermal Magnesium spray, immediately stimulates a response from both surface skin levels to deep cellular structures. The herbs penetrate all cells, buffering membranes, and tissues.


The lymphatic system is part of our circulatory system and a major component of our immune system. It is a network of organs, nodes, ducts and vessels that carry lymph (a clear fluid) from tissues to the blood stream. The lymphatic vessels travel alongside blood vessels throughout our body, mostly just below our dermal layers within the deep fascia near muscle, joints and organs. They carry lymphatic fluid, which is made up of immune cells that are sent out to fight foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses, as well as destroying abnormal or damaged cells.

lymph nodesBecause it helps destroy and remove foreign invaders, the lymph system is also referred to as the waste filtration system of the body. Previously it was thought that the lymphatic system only went up to our neck, but recent research has mapped new lymphatic vessels going into the brain, uncovering new links between the brain and the immune system.

Why is it important to have good lymphatic drainage? Lymph is collected at various drainage points throughout our body (lymph nodes). Sensitive pressure points at various body locations are almost always related to a swollen lymph node/gland. Because the lymphatic system is an integral part of our immune system, helping to carry waste material out of our body and to provide a flow of oxygen, adequate lymphatic flow at drainage sites is essential for good health. Poor lymphatic flow can cause an increase in fluid retention, increase the appearance of cellulite, and lead to more toxin accumulation in the body.

Rubbing or massaging the skin is one key strategy for activating the lymph system during healing. It is important to understand, however, that you cannot rub too hard or the fascia and lymphs can be crushed (recovery happens eventually, but the discomfort may not be enjoyed until then).


Because the skin is absorbant, it can take in both toxins (from the environment, air, etc.) and invaluable nutrients. Herbs contain numerous phytochemicals readily absorbed through the skin into deep cellular areas. These elemental nutrients (not synthetic, laboratory-derived pharmaceutical replacements) contain things like: steroidal saponins, glycosides, polysaccharides, alkaloids, anthraquinones, flaonoids, allantoin, minerals, and numerous other components.

magnesiumWe always recommend using a therapeutic-grade and formulated topical Magnesium spray. Its immediate effect on calming nerves, relaxing muscles, and activating cellular regeneration (the production of ATP, insulin, collagen, healing fibroblast cells, etc. etc.!) has been scientifically studied and proven via extensive research. Please read our section on Magnesium Therapy for details. Our Magnesium sprays are well-formulated to contain MSM (a known natural sulphur that promotes joint and tissue health) in a essential oil and distilled water base. The result is a remedy that moves very quickly to deep cellular structures.

STEP 2:  Apply a Deep Penetrating Salve

Having now opened up the skin pores in Step 1, the deep penetrating salve can now do its work. This is an important long-term method of healing for strains, sprains, aches, joint stiffness or pain, damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, etc. It perfectly compliments a transdermal spray.


  1. The key in applying the salve is to create skin heat. A minute or two of rubbing creates friction that increases the heat of the dermal layers to above 105F (about 41C).
  2. Apply the Salve during this 1-2-3 METHOD. But, you can also apply it any other time of the day.
  3. A little goes a long way! Our salves are not soft, like most herbal salves. Simply dig your finger into the jar and pull out a small amount onto your fingertip. When rubbing into your skin, the oils and beeswax will melt the herbs into the pores. If you are worried about any slight oil residue on clothes, you can cover the area after application.
  4. DO NOT USE the Acute & Chronic Injury Salve on open wounds (because of its herbal formulation). Cortesia Healing Salve is okay for wounds.
  5. Note: After applying a spray or salve, it is very useful to simply lay your hand(s) lightly over the affected area for a few minutes. This form of “touch healing therapy” is therapeutic (see our Blog article Solomon’s Seal and the Healing Effects of Touch to understand more). You can feel the warm or cooling sensation of your injury; you can also mentally visualize healing currents.
  6. Apply Moist Heat. This is an invaluable healing strategy that is scientifically sound (learn more HERE). Simply apply a heating pad placed over a slightly damp cloth over the affected area for 45 minutes.

    healing salve


Rubbing a salve in well allows the therapeutic herbs, encased in the olive oil and beeswax, to slowly and deeply penetrate the epidermis, dermis, fat, superficial and deep retinacula cutis fibers , superficial and deep fascial membranes (supporting the lymph system and nodes that run through this sub-dermal area), the hyaluronic acid layer, epimyslum, and finally the muscle, buffering membranes, joints, bones, etc.

You can begin to understand how a properly formulated Salve (meaning herbs that work synergistically well together) needs some careful attention when applying it. Actually, it needs your undivided attention! — A deep penetrating salve allows it to team up with any oral tincture remedy that has integrated the bloodstream and deep cellular levels in the affected area of the body. In effect, it is a 1-2 punch.

Additionally, any form of massage is very beneficial. It can help affect and smoothe damaged fascia, move cellular debris and oxygen through the lymph system just below dermal layers, stimulate flow of healing fibroblast blood cells to the affected area, activate detoxing capabilities of the skin, among other warm and fuzzy benefits.


STEP 3:  Take Oral Tincture or Tea

TINCTUREThe tinctures we create are made from herbs that work synergistically together. This website specifically details the therapeutic effectiveness of the herbs we use; it also details the specific benefits of an herbal tea that is infused with Solomon's Seal.

Our restorative herbs specifically attempt to harmonize, feed, lubricate, and tighten or loosen (as needed) tendons, ligaments, muscles, attachments, and joints. They also assess and regulate important fluids in buffering membranes (bursae and synovial), and in connective tissues (tendons and ligaments) that need increased moisuture for flexibility. Some of the herbs have a mild, beneficial effect on body systems such as GI, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, blood pressure, skin health, and the like. Most of the herbs have an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce pain and discomfort and inflammation.

tea cupA tincture (or tea) bypasses the GI tract when taken orally. The reason is that the linings of the mouth, and beneath the tongue (sublingual), are like an immediate highway into our bloodstream. All health care should involve Oral Hygiene. The logic is sound — the mouth is the gateway that allows bad food and toxins to enter. Because over 80% of adults have gum disease, oral hygiene is invaluable. In short, when you take a tincture, the alcohol base of the herbs allows them to permeate the mouth linings into the bloodstream where they will travel to affected areas for assessment and treatment. Please read our section: How Solomon's Seal Works to Heal You to learn more about the deep healing qualities of Solomon's Seal and our other herbs.


123 Method

mgoptimalSTEP 1

Apply the MAGNESIUM SPRAY as a base to the affected area. Wait 20 minutes for 100% absorption of Magnesium, then wash residue off, if desired.

Transdermal Magnesium is a perfect complement to using other deep penetrating topicals, like our Cortesia Acute & Chronic Injury Salve and Quick Relief Spray. (these products are shown in the left sidebar)

The reason is that the skin pores are opened up via the Magneisum Chloride, allowing for deeper cellular penetration of a therapeutic salve or topical spray (used in Step 2).


mgsalveSTEP 2

SalveApply the Acute & Chronic Injury Salve (or the Quick Relief Spray, if only using that). It is important to rub into the skin for 2-3 minutes to create skin heat over 105F for deep penetration. You may also use a moist heating pad — this assures deep penetration. Read about the therapeutic benefits of moist heat <HERE>

NOTE: Using our Salve and Quick Relief Spray ONLY (not any topical Magnesium Sprays):  first apply the Quick Relief Spray, rubbing in well. Then apply the salve.




Orally administer the particular Solomon's Seal tincture, formula, and/or tea you are using at this time. Or, take it at your regular interval.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Always apply the Magnesium, salve, and topical spray with mindfulness: be positive, visualize healing, say a prayer or affirmation, etc. Take these moments to love that affected area via your attentive rubbing — Your body is a miracle that deserves appreciation.

































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