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Magnesium Therapy
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Optimal Magnesium RESTORATION

For immediate injuries, traumas, and chronic conditions & diseases.
Use everyday (perhaps twice daily) for optimal restoration.

•  Use up to 600 mg daily
•   Use at least 1-2 months
•   40+ sprays = about 600 mg
of Magnesium


Optimal Magnesium MAINTENANCE

To "top off" Magnesium supplies in the body, continue to use spray for
3-4 months after the first 1-2 month period of Restoration.

It is not necessary to use everyday. You may gradually taper use, eventually using 2-3 times a week, or when absolutely needed to recover from an injury or disease.


We are dedicated to using the purist, organic ingredients in our products. You can read detailed descriptions at our Product Descriptions page.

Magnesium Chloride
Our MgCl is constituted from crystals derived from deep ancient seabeds and from the purist source of Nigari. It is food-grade and 99.97% pure.

Distilled Water
It is essential to use pure or distilled water. Tap water may contain flouride and other toxic metals that effectively neutralize the body's ability to use Magnesium

Chamomile and Rose Water
We infuse the disilled water with highly concentrated organic essential oils of Chamomile or Rose Absolute. This helps to mellow the MgCl brine's ('oil") slightly salty characteristic, and to nourish the skin

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
MSM has been proven for joint health, among numerous other benefits to the body. The Sulphur component synergizes with Magnesium for an added healing effect. We use the "gold standard" of MSM, called OptiMSM™.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are regularly used in Transdermal Medicine, as in Aromatherapy or when intermixed with a carrier for skin application. Our oils are organic-derived. You can read about each oil that we use, and its therapeutic quality, at the Product Descriptions page.

Love & Reverence
for Life & Health

All of our products are made in small quantities to optimize immediate freshness and potency upon purchase. We infuse a loving and reverential energy — from growing plant sources in our organic gardens at Cortesia Sanctuary, to obtaining ingredients from ethical sources, to the actual conscientious process of brewing, bottling, and shipping within 24 hours of a customer's order.


Topical Magnesium Therapy is very safe, in part because Magnesium is readily depleted everyday in our body and needs restoration. So, it is very difficult to overdose.

There are some precautions, and use should be limited or overseen by a medical practitioner, given the following conditions:

•    Very Slow Heart Rate
•    Severe Adrenal Weakness
•    Low Blood Pressure
•    Myasthenia Gravis
•    Kidney Failure (or on a dialysis machine)


•    Muscle weakness
•    Decreased reflexes
•    Disrupted cardiac rhythm
•    Low blood pressure

Although very unlikey to happen, the safest solution to these signs is to temporarily use more Calcium


Those with low blood pressure usually require extra calcium in addition to Magnesium. Normal blood pressure is about 120/80. The lower it is, the higher the need for daily calcium supplementation.

Those with low blood pressure may take twice as much Calcium as Magnesium, but both in relatively high amounts, under medical guidance.

Those with low blood pressure and inflammatory tendencies should also significantly reduce their daily intake of Phosphorous — high levels of Phosphorous in the body tend to deplete both Magnesium and Calcium.


Depending upon strength of spray, and frequency of use in a day, a tingling, redness, or slight rash may occur if placed on sensitive skin or a recent injury, or perhaps the face.

This is not harmful, but may be more than you would like. Simply dilute the spray with distilled or pure water, or use one of our Regular, Lite, or Just for Women sprays (that can also be diluted). Dilute in 1:1 parts.

Transdermal Magnesium is the immediate topical application of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl) to affected
areas and the lymph system of the body. This method, using concentrated topical sprays, lotions or gels, is the safest
and most efficient way to absorb 100% Magnesium for immediate benefits, when compared to the low bioavailability (5-15%) and laxative effect of oral ingestion (before the body has had time to utilize the much-needed Magnesium)

mgsavelifeWe encourage you to read more about Transdermal Magnesium in our other sections, beginning at Transdermal Magnesium. This page is devoted to how to choose and use topical Magnesium Chloride sprays. There is a lot of information and more added regularly, so settle in and enjoy!


The most common lack of success in restoring Magnesium balances is not applying the desired amounts regularly. The first 1-2 months are critical before tapering down.
Read the TESTIMONY of C. Forrest McDowell, PhD and his regular use for Lyme Disease and its host of conditions.

We have been researching and testing our Magnesium Sprays extensively with people of varied conditions. We began with our own famil'y's (two adults in their 60's and two children in their 30's) health issues (Lyme Disease, depression, broken bones, chronic fatigue, skin cancer and other dermal issues, pain, etc) — we are the harshest of critics because we are also herbalists and wellness practitioners and educators with decades of training, education and experience with plant-based remedies. We also talk to hundreds of customers each month and have a very good database of issues people face everyday that may benefit from Transdermal Magnesium, and/or the use of herbal tinctures, salves and the like. We also have many comments from customers who have clearly benefited from our efforts.

All of our Magnesium Sprays are hand-made and bottled in small batches weekly. This assures optimal freshness and potency. They are also made with the highest quality organic ingredients we can find. Our suppliers must demonstrate reverence for the environment and work/worker conditions, at the same time providing assurance that their products are made or harvested with the highest integrity and standards for health and safety.


There are numerous Magnesium Chloride products on the market today. How does one make a good choice given the wide selection and price ranges?

Source of Magnesium Chloride
MgCl should be food-grade, contaminant-free. Any impurities actually nullify bioavailability. It is derived as a by-product of salt production that goes through very strict filtration and distillation. Sources are from seawater drawn up from deep ancient seabeds, the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake, and from pure Nigari. We use the purist possible of MgCl crystals from highly trusted companies.

Type of Water Used for Reconstitution
Because Magnesium is water-soluable, it is highly susceptible to contaminants in water, such as heavy metals, and especially to flouride. Distilled or pure water guarantees optimal preservation of the Mg ions available to the body.

Other Ingredients
Transdermal Magnesium sprays can be used plain, and are sold as such. However, other ingredients can be added to enhance the therapeutice benefits.

First, is the water which can be infused with a base hydrating essential oil (we use chamomile and rose absolute in our different sprays). Second, are any essential oils that infuse their therapeutic effectiveness into the water, as we use in our Optimal, Pro-Active, and Just for Women sprays. Third, are any other enhancers that should not interfere with skin absorption. We add the invaluable MSM (methylsufonlymethane) to all of our sprays.

Trustworthiness of Producer
It is important to have a sense of the makers of your sprays — their training or expertise, company ethics toward the environment and workers, the methods of production, educational outreach, effectiveness of product, and customer feedback and support.
We believe in returning medicine to the folk through education and reverently hand-made remedies stemming from impeccable sources.


mgleafdropConfused about what spray strength to use? Most bottles don't give strength of solution, measured as milligrams (mg) amount of Magnesium available.

Typical spray strengths range from 31-35% Magnesium concentrate (Note: producers sometimes refer to an 18-23% solution — exactly the same strength as the 31-35%, using a different reference for calculation).

31% (alternative 18%) is lighter and easier on the skin. 33% (21%) is a regular concentrate, while 35% (23%) is extra strength. Stronger than this percentage increases the chance of serious skin irritation and is very "oily" leaving a thicker residue on the skin.

The Body Absorbs What It Needs

The body will only absorb the amount of Magnesium it needs. Therefore, strength of spray may not be critical. However, strength does matter because of effect on the skin — higher concentrations may cause initial redness and tingling in sensitive areas, especially the face, that may feel too uncomfortable.

Repeated use dissipates reactions greatly as the skin continues to rejuvenate and becomes less susceptible to the lightly salty nature of the Magnesium Chloride brine permeating the pores. You can always dilute a spray to your own tolerance.

31%  —  Light Strength
We recommend using a lighter concentration for children, elderly, and those with sensitive skin. It leaves less residue and can be applied twice daily.

33%  —  Regular Strength
This is the most common strength among sprays, giving the recommended therapeutic dose of daily Magnesium (560mg). There may be skin tingling or redness when applied, especially to face. You will feel a little more residue on your skin that easily washes off.

35%  —  Extra Strength
This is for assertive restoration and maintenance of Mg levels, giving over 600 mg of Magnesium per treatment. It may tingle the skin or cause initial redness that is harmless. It will feel more "oily" and leave more salty residue after absorption.


You May Purchase at our STORE

Cortesia Sanctuary
100% Pure Magnesium Sprays

100% Pure Magnesium LITEmglite

For Sensitive Skin, Children & Elderly

Our 100% Pure Magnesium Lite Spray is less concentrated. This is because some people (children, elderly, and those with sensitive skin) may experience a little skin irritation or light rash, using a more concentrated formula. You can also dilute this spray with pure or distilled water.

INGREDIENTS:  Magnesium Chloride (MgCl), distilled water,
Chamomile and MSM
Full product description HERE

AMOUNT OF MgCl:    About 50mg of elemental Magnesium per 3-4 sprays, or 500mg per teaspoon (about 40 sprays). Our 4oz spray bottle contains over 24 teaspoons — the equivalent of about 12,000mg of Magnesium, or about one month's supply of Magnesium.

4oz Spray: $10   •   You May BUY HERE

100% Pure Magnesium REGULAR

mgRegularBest for:  Maintenance & Everyday Use

INGREDIENTS:  Magnesium Chloride (MgCl), distilled water,
Chamomile and MSM
Full product description HERE

Our 100% Pure Magnesium Regular Spray contains the typical amount of MgCl, shown by research, necessary for daily absorption and use to maintain overall Magnesium levels in the body.

AMOUNT OF MgCl:    About 60mg of elemental Magnesium per 3-4 sprays, or 560mg per teaspoon (about 40 sprays). Our 4oz spray bottle contains over 24 teaspoons — the equivalent of over 13,440mg of Magnesium.

4oz Spray: $10   •   You May BUY HERE

100% Pure Magnesium OPTIMAL

mgOptimalBEST FOR:   Assertive Restoring & Balancing
                 of Magnesium Levels

Onset of illness or disease? — use this!
Lead an active life? — use this!
Elevated stress? — use this!

Chronic Fatigue? — use this!

Our 100% Pure Magnesium Optimal Spray is more concentrated, containing higher amounts of MgCl than our Regular 

INGREDIENTS:  Magnesium Chloride (MgCl), distilled water, Chamomile and MSM. Organic essential oils: Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Sweet Majoram.
Full product description HERE

AMOUNT OF MgCl:    Over 60mg of elemental Magnesium per 3-4 sprays, or over 600mg per teaspoon (about 40 sprays). Our 4oz spray bottle contains over 24 teaspoons — the equivalent of over 14,400mg of Magnesium, or about one month's supply of Magnesium.

4oz Spray: $12   •   You May BUY HERE

100% Pure Magnesium PRO-ACTIVE

mgProActiveBEST FOR:   Sports & Training
High-energy Activity
Immediate Injury
Emergency First Aid
Disease Conditions

Our 100% Pure Magnesium Pro-Active Spray is more concentrated, containing same high amount of MgCl as our Optimal

INGREDIENTS:  Magnesium Chloride (MgCl)  distilled water, Chamomile and MSM. Organic essential oils: Lemongrass,
Sweet Majoram, Vetiver.
Full product description HERE

AMOUNT OF MgCl:    Over 60mg of elemental Magnesium per 3-4 sprays, or over 600mg per teaspoon (about 40 sprays). Our 4oz spray bottle contains over 24 teaspoons — the equivalent of over 14,400mg of Magnesium, or about one month's supply of Magnesium.

4oz Spray: $12   •   You May BUY HERE

100% Pure Magnesium


BEST FOR:   Everyday or Maintenance

INGREDIENTS:  Magnesium Chloride (MgCl), distilled water, Organic Rose Absolute and MSM. Organic essential oils: Frankincense, Lavender, Ylang Ylang.
Full product description HERE

Our 100% Pure Just for Women Spray contains the typical amount of MgCl, shown by research, necessary for daily absorption and use to maintain overall Magnesium levels in the body. It is the same strength as our Regular spray.

AMOUNT OF MgCl:    About 60mg of elemental Magnesium per 3-4 sprays, or 560mg per teaspoon (about 40 sprays). Our 4oz spray bottle contains over 24 teaspoons — the equivalent of over 13,440mg of Magnesium.

4oz Spray: $12   •   You May BUY HERE

       Recommended Dietary Allowances - Magnesium

Age                       Male   Female Pregnancy Lactation
Birth-6 mos           30 mg     30 mg
7–12 mos               75 mg     75 mg
1–3 years               80 mg     80 mg
4–8 years             130 mg   130 mg
9–13 years           240 mg   240 mg
14–18 years         410 mg   360 mg        400 mg          360 mg
19–30 years         400 mg   310 mg        350 mg          310 mg
31–50 years         420 mg   320 mg        360 mg          320 mg
51+ years             420 mg   320 mg

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How to Use


Clean Skin
Remove any soap, cosmetics, salves or lotions that can hinder uptake of Magnesium ions by the skin

mghandsprayApply Spray
Shake well, then spray 3-4 times into cupped hand and rub thoroughly onto skin for 1 minute or so. Depending upon the strength of our 100% Pure Magnesium Spray used, every 3-4 sprays equals 50-60 mg of elemental Magnesium.

For Magnesium restoration to optimal levels over a 1-2 month period, apply at 560-600mg of Magnesium daily  (30-40 sprays). The body will absorb only what it needs (which may be most of the Mg!).


Apply to Affected Area & Lymph System

It is especially important to apply the Magnesium Chloride spray to an affected body area. Additionally, consider applying to areas of the Lymph System (see diagram, right): top and bottom of feet, lower legs, inside knees and thighs, upper chest and neck, arms, armpit, even top of head. Application to face, especially extra-strength Mg sprays, may cause redness and tingling or irritation to some people — please be cautious even though this may not be harmful.


Massage your Magnesium spray well for a minute or so at each affected body location and/or key lymph node locations. Here's why:
•    Massage increases the circulation of Mg through
contracted and spastic muscles
•    Massage improves Magnesium absorption into muscles and joints, helping
to improve blood and lymph circulation.
•    Massage is important to help the Mg circulate, dissolve and flush out tissue and joint calcifications (offending calcium accumulations)

Skin Tingling or Blushing is Normal

mblushThe slight natural saltiness of the Magnesium Chloride brine may cause redness or tingling. This is normal and indicates skin absorption of the Magnesium and any added essential oils. After repeated use for a few days or more, this tingling or redness will be less present upon application. The redness is most felt in the face. You can dilute the spray with 1 part pure or distilled water for a lighter application.

Redness, blush and tingling often happen upon initial use of Magnesium sprays, for the first few days or more. It may also sting freshly shaved body parts because of surface dermal layers having been been scraped away. It may especially appear when using higher strength sprays, like our Optimal and Pro-Active sprays. Simply dilute the spray, or don't apply to especially sensitive areas, like the face. or freshly shaven areas on the body, perhaps face, head and legs. Remember: the stinging, tingling or redness is not harmful — the more you use the topical spray in the break-in period of a few days or so, the less redness will occur.

Optimal Absorption Time:  20 minutes

The body/skin will only absorb as much Magnesium as it needs. For many people, most of the Magnesium will be absorbed to counteract daily depletion). This will occur within 20 minutes.

NOTE: The rate, or "feel" of absorption will vary dependent upon humidity in the air. Low humidity (dry air) allows faster absorption. Higher humidity and moisture content in the air causes slower absorption. Sometimes these air conditions affect the slight residue feeling on the skin after absorption, depending upon skin condition or existing moisture already in the dermal layers.

mgwashclothWash Off or Leave On
A slight salty mineral residue may remain on the skin upon drying (especially when using our Optimal or Pro-Active sprays). It varies with individual skin-types, amount used, and even dryness or humidity in the air. This residue is normal and can be wiped off with a warm damp washcloth after the 20 minutes, or not.

NOTE:  If your skin blushes or reddens somewhat upon application of the Magnesium spray, it is BEST TO WASH IT OFF WITH COLD WATER for relief, not hot water.

The essential oils and floral water bases that we use in our sprays, including the added MSM, enhance skin hydration and deep dermal nourishment.. Therefore, some people may experience very little, if any, salty residue.

TIP: Several times a week, do a full or partial body spray, wait 20-30 minutes, and then SHOWER. Your skin will feel smooth, soft and silky.

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mgoptimalMagnesium Therapy is a perfect complement to using other deep penetrating topicals, like our Cortesia Acute & Chronic Injury Salve and Quick Relief Spray. (these products are shown in the left sidebar)

The reason is that the skin pores are opened up via the Magneisum Chloride, allowing for deeper cellular penetration of a therapeutic salve or topical spray. Please follow the steps below for the most therapeutic intervention.

Apply the Magnesium Spray as a base to the affected area. Wait 20 minutes for optimal absorption of Magnesium, then wash residue off.

mgsalveSTEP 2
Apply the Acute & Chronic Injury Salve (or the Quick Relief Spray, if only using that). It is important to rub into the skin for 2-3 minutes to create skin heat over 105F for deep penetration. You may also use a moist heating pad — this assures deep penetration.

If using both our Salve and Quick Relief Spray,  first apply the Quick Relief Spray, rubbing in well. Then apply the salve.

tincture6STEP 4
 Orally administer the particular Solomon's Seal tincture or formula you are using at this time. Or, take it at your regular interval

SPECIAL NOTE:  Always apply the Magnesium, salve, and topical spray with mindfulness: be positive, visualize healing, say a prayer or affirmation, etc. Take these moments to love that affected area via your attentive rubbing — Your body is a miracle that deserves appreciation.

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Activities that demand endurance — running, mountainclimbing, backpacking and hiking, etc. — expend a lot of Magnesium. The consequence can be sore, stiff or strained muscles, charlie horses or spasms, and fatigue.

Store up on Magnesium, before and after!

•    Apply to all of lower torso, including top and bottom of feet. Runners especially apply to legs and feet
•    Apply to lower back, arms, shoulders and breast area where a lot of backpack weight is borne, or upper torso strength or twisting is required.

•    Apply to affected area if exhausted, or feel muscles quite used
•   Rub in very well to release lactic acid and Calcium from soft tissues through the Lymph system

•    Apply to well-used or affected areas of body
•    Consider a full body application 20 minutes before washing up


TIP #2:

Use Your Cupped Hand
for Spray

mghandspray3We have found that the best way to control your sprays is to spray first into your cupped hand (3-4 spuirts) and then rub onto skin.

This works especially well on feet and legs.

Each 3-4 sprays of our Magnesium sprays is equivalent to 50-60 mg of elemental Magnesium immediately absorbed into the body via the skin.

560-600 mg per day of Magnesium spray would help to restore, maintain and balance Magnesium supplies in the body, especially if used intensively in a 1-2 month treatment protocol.



The best possible success of Transdermal Magnesium comes from applying it regularly for the first 1-2 months. After this critical restoration period you can then begin a maintenance period of 4-6 months to be certain Magnesium levels are optimal for your body and life conditions.

mgsuccessThe key once again: EVERYDAY APPLICATION!

First 1-2 monthsRestoration

A serious Transdermal Magnesium program applies about 600 mg of MgCl each day. You can get significant results within the first month, with initial beneficial signs appearing within 1-2 days. The second month is a settling in month of use where very noticeable changes may be felt. People most often report mental calmness, better sleep, less chronic pain, and more energy being guiding patterns in their life.

3-6 Month Period  —  Maintenance

During this time the body is geared toward maintaining Magnesium levels with the help now of your calmness, diminishment of pain and inflammation, and better rest.

Use everyday, but now experiment with body areas and frequency of use under varying circumstances. The body can never absorb more Magnesium than it needs. Any excess is safely secreted by the kidneys.

grand canyonTransdermal Magnesium for the Rest of Your Life?

No!  Transdermal Magnesium is hopefully a short-term solution with long-term benefits. As you immerse yourself in knowing the invaluable role of Magnesium in the body, you will also want to know how you can continue to keep it flowing into your life.

Your journey will hopefully lead you to look at your diet, nutrition, stress, exercise, and health conditions with more attention to Magnesium. Creating balanced inputs of Magnesium in your life through various safe means should be your objective. Your Magnesium Spray will then become your go-to, exactly when you need it!


mgheatpadbackTIP #3:      USE MOIST HEAT

Research in Sports Medicine has demonstrated that over-icing an injury can actually do more harm than good.

Icing should be done only in 10-15 minutes periods within the first 1-2 hours, followed by moist heat thereafter.

Otherwise, icing effectively stops the key leukocyte blood cells from migrating to the injured area to begin the healing response. Moist heat is shown to activate and support the most beneficial healing response, reducing swelling, pain and bruising.

Strategy for Using Moist Heat

mgheatwrapA heating pad is very effective for creating moist heat. Some have a felt pad that can be slightly moistened and inserted into the cloth case. Otherwise, moisten a soft cloth or felt pad, place on body with the heating pad over it.

  • Apply moist heat for 45 minutes

  • Infuse the moist heat with MgCl and/or other essential oils — rub the MgCl spray onto affected area then apply the moist heat. You can also dribble a few drops of oil of Rosemary, or Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Clove, and the like onto the moistened felt or cloth


TIP #4:   Load-up on Magnesium & SHOWER!

mgshowerA pre-shower body dousing of MgCl spray assures daily absorption.

We are talking full body here, including Lymph node areas!

Besides, when doing a full body application the slight residue may not be exactly what you want to feel under your clothes.


Here are a few pointers:

  • Apply your Magnesium Spray at least 20 minutes before showering, for optimal absorption

  • After an assertive activity, leave enough time to apply the MgCl, hang loose for 20 minutes, and then shower

  • In the shower, soap up and rub well the affected body areas to flush cellular debris and exotoxins from soft tissues and joints through the Lymph System

  • Experience the effect on your skin — it will very likely be glowing and smooth

A shower is a peaceful time, a sanctuary of grace in a frenetic world. Take your time, feel the miracle of your body, relax your mind — this is "loving yourself" time!


Before Shampoo

mghairshoweerApplying MgCl to the scalp has immediate results: mental calmness, moisturizing of hair follicles and skin, and 100% immediate absorption. Your hair will have a silky shine.

At least 20 minutes before shampooing, apply 4-8 sprays of MgCl to scalp and rub well, including hair.

Too much can cause the hairy to feel oily, so find your comfort zone.

You can take your shower, wash the MgCl out and
apply shampoo, rubbing in well

People report not needing a rinse or conditioner because of the great feel of their hair when dry. This is a personal decision, but a good organic-derived conditioner is very beneficial, too.

TIP:  Between hair washes, don’t be afraid to run some of the MgCl spray through your hair — just enough to not make it too “oily.”


mghandtherapyTIP #6:                 HAND THERAPY
                Dealing with Chronic Discomfort

Many people experience chronic hand discomfort — wrists, thumbs, fingers; joints, nerves, tendons and ligaments. There are a number of reasons why: texting and typing, repetitive work or recreation activities, sports, aging, or even a new mother suffering from “Mommy’s Thumb” caused by repeated improper lifting of an infant.

mgbabyliftMagnesium relaxes the muscles, connective tissues and nerves, and provides important pain cessation.   Besides adapting safer hand activity methods, there are some key strategies to consider:

mgwristthumbheatStrategies for Hand Therapy

  • Lessen, adapt or cease the activity causing hand discomfort.

  • Apply MgCl and rub well to flush cellular debris and loosened exotoxins through Lymph System

  • mgmommythumbIf using our Cortesia Solomon’s Seal Acute & Chronic Injury Salve (or Healing Salve), apply and rub in well.

  • If using our Corteisa Quick Relief Spray, apply and rub in well over the salve (or use alone)

  • After applying any of the above (MgCl, salve, liniment), place moist heat over or around your hand for 45 minutes. Do this whenever desired.

  • Be cautious with use of supports or braces, especially for long periods of time or through the night. They can cause muscle atrophy and constant nerve firing that is not supportive of relaxation and convalescence.


TIP #7:    RUNNERS: Mag-Up!

mgrunningRunning is a forceful activity that impacts all body systems quite dramatically via movement and shock absorption.

Muscles, joints and connective tissues are especially under strain.

The consequence is ongoing Magnesium depletion. As this is happening, the opportunist mineral, Calcium, is rushing into soft tissues and joints ultimately creating stiffness and fatigue. It does this because less Magnesium means less necessary regulation and control over what Calcium does.

Calcium wants every runner to become rigid walking sticks. Magnesium wants you to flex and move freely within an inherent strength, not rigidity. So, Runners Mag-Up!

Before Running

  • Use a more intense Magnesium Spray, like our Optimal or Pro-Active. These give you more elemental Magnesium because that it what you need for an intense work-out

  • Apply full body, 3-4 sprays at each location. This will give you about 500-600 mg of 100% usable Magnesium for 40-50 sprays.

  • Especially apply to bottom and top of feet, calves, knees and thighs

  • For upper torso, apply especially to breast and armpit, neck and lower back

mgrunsprayAfter Running

  • Apply immediately to any area that feels well-used or strained or achy

  • Option 1: Apply Before Shower  — 3-4 sprays of Magnesium Spray on each key trouble area and Lymph areas, wait 20 minutes for optimal absorption, then shower or bathe.

  • Option 2: Apply After Shower  — 3-4 sprays on each trouble area, bottom and top of feet, inside knees and elbows, breast, armpit and neck areas for rapid absorption and flushing of exotoxins via the Lymph System

Take it With You & Relax!

mgsuitcaseBelieve it or not, traveling takes a toll on Magnesium supplies in the body

We must restore Magnesium levels in the body because of daily depletion. Traveling can disrupt the inflow and use of Mg in our body.


Traveling Causes STRESS
Stress expends large amounts of Cortisol, Cholesterol, Serotonin and other chemicals that cause Magnesium depletion. The antidote is more Magnesium. Take your Magnesium Spray with you and use it when feeling a little overwhelmed. It will calm both mind and nerves, giving you more mental clarity and bodily relaxation.

Traveling Disrupts SLEEP
The above-mentioned chemicals disrupt sleep, period. Our sleep patterns and needs are affected. Take your Magnesium with you — you’ll be glad you did.

Traveling Strains the BODY
Lifting and moving luggage, extensive standing or sitting, or engagement in nightlife and daytime activities. Magnesium will give you energy while feeling relaxed.

Traveling Affects DIET
Fresh foods and other Magnesium-rich foods may be more difficult to obtain or eat when away from home. Using a topical Magnesium Spray will give you the Mg you need.



mgyogalogoTIP #9:         GOT YOGA?  —  Get Magnesium!

Hidden behind that yoga pose are tensions placed on ligaments, tendons, organs, muscles and joints. Mental focus that includes balance and breathing while holding a pose is necessary, too. Doing yoga in a heated room also creates intense perspiration that loses valuable micro-minerals.

Before Yoga

  • Do a full body application to keep energy sustained, mental calmness, and muscle relaxation

  • If unable to do a full body spray, then spray trouble areas and rub in well

  • Similarly, spray on Lymph node areas; yoga allows a lot of exotoxins to be loosened up in soft tissues and joints to be flushed out through the Lymph System

  • TIP:  be careful if applying Magnesium Spray to face — the slight salty residue may sting a little bit as you begin to perspire. This is not harmful but may feel uncomfortable. Simply wash off with a cold washcloth.

mgyogaAfter Yoga

  • A yoga workout can be both exhilarating and exhausting in its way. Well, you have asked a lot of your body in a mindful way! Time to restore some Magnesium
  • Option 1: Apply Before Shower  — 3-4 sprays of Magnesium Spray on each key trouble area and Lymph areas, wait 20 minutes for optimal absorption, then shower or bathe.

  • Option 2: Apply After Shower  — 3-4 sprays on each trouble area, bottom and top of feet, inside knees and elbows, breast, armpit and neck areas for rapid absorption and flushing of exotoxins via the Lymph System


TIP #10:     Blunt Force Injury or Fall
An impact injury — being physically hit, a car accident, whiplash, or hard fall — creates immediate trauma to muscles, connective tissues, joints, and nerves.

This activates a pain response that rushes chemicals like Serotonin and Cortisol throughout the body.

Internal spasms of organs and tissues allow Calcium to overzealously try to take over repair. However, it is Magnesium that is key to creating a healthy catalytic role to activate and regulate hundreds of enzymes in the healing process.

Strategies for Using Transdermal Magnesium

  • Immediately spray MgCl onto affected area to reduce pain, swelling, and bruising

  • Apply at least 560-600 mg of MgCl and rub in well (this begins moving cellular debris and toxins through the Lymph System for release from the body)

  • Use our Magnesium Spray Optimal or Pro-Active to receive the above amounts, or spray a little more of our Regular Spray when applying

  • Apply twice daily for first 1-2 weeks

  • Use moist heat several times daily (heating pad with a lightly dampened felt liner, or placed over a slightly damp cloth on your skin)

TIP #11:  Got a Test or Job Interview?

Calm Yourself With Magnesium


We can prepare ourselves mentally for a situation,
but what can we do to calm our nerves and relax
our body and mind?

A cup of coffee is exactly the wrong choice to be “alert” or “on point”!  This will agitate your nerves and create more anxiety because the chemicals of stress (cortisol, cholesterol, serotonin) flood the body with more drama as a result of the chemical interaction with caffeine. Whew! And there goes the much-needed Magnesium to help regulate all this in a proper balance — depleted, or rather excreted through the kidneys.

Try These TIps

Sometime before your test or interview, apply your Magnesium Spray to a few Lymph Node spots (inside elbows and knees, upper chest and breast and armpit area, neck area, etc.).

Apply 3-4 sprays to your face and massage well, especially under the eyes

If time permits, wait 20 minutes and then wash off with cold water

Tip:  Massage a little into your scalp for mental calm and focus. Don’t use too much or your hair may feel a little “oily.”




Afternoon Pick-me-up

Stop the 5-hour energy drinks, or the mid-afternoon caffeine push to get through the rest of the day. An easier and healthier solution is to recognize your energy depletion for what it is — your body’s signal that it needs some energy-restoring and energy-boosting Magnesium.

  • Apply your Spray to feet and lower legs, if possible

  • Apply to easy access Lymph areas, such as inside elbows and knees, neck area, arms

  • For a quick refresher, apply to face

TipIf you apply to your feet and legs, the resulting residue after 20 minutes or so may make it frustrating to put on knee length socks, support hose and the like. It is easier the longer you wait, or better yet, wash the residue off — then your garments will slide easily across the silky skin.


Magnesium gives ENERGY, plain and simple! There’s a science behind why:

  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate) the Energy Currency activator
    Beyond the hundreds of enzymatic reactions stimulated by Magnesium, perhaps the most important one involves the production of both anaerobic and aerobic energy production, particularly in the metabolism of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) — the “energy currency” storage molecule of each cell, or literally its “battery.” The synthesis of ATP requires Magnesium-dependent enzymes called ATPases.

  • B-vitamins catalyst
    We have all heard about the need for B-vitamins for energy production. What we may not know is that Magnesium is necessary for the ingested
    B-vitamins to become metabolically active.

  • Calcium regulator
    Up to 30% of the energy of cells is used to pump Calcium out of the cells! A healthy cell has lower levels of Calcium and higher levels of Magnesium. When a Magnesium deficiency is present, however, Calcium builds up inside the cells. The consequence:  Energy production decreases, and the mitochondria slowly start to calcify. In short, FATIGUE, and chronic fatigue if not dealt with by restoring Magnesium.


  • Create a morning ritual of activating your energy with Magnesium. The best way is to apply your Spray very soon upon arising — then, after 20 minutes or so you can wash off those areas where a residue may have formed.

  • Apply Magnesium Spray to bottoms and tops of feet, and calves for very rapid absorption and synthesis of energy

  • Lymph node areas are fast imports of Magnesium into the bloodstream, so apply your Spray to key areas: upper chest, breast and armpit areas, neck, inside elbows and behind knees.

  • Face wash:  An invigorating feeling is applying and rubbing well onto the face, wait 20 minutes for absorption, then washing off. Your skin will glow and feel very smooth. You can apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards, if desired. Caution:  Tingling or redness may occur on your face, which is harmless; however, if it is a little too much, simply dilute your Spray or wash off with cold water


TIP #13:    RUB to the LOVE . . .  
                 RELAX NERVES & MUSCLES

mgnervesFeel agitated or mental unrest? Feel like your muscles are holding too much tension? Do you need to calm your breathing . . . APPLY MAGNESIUM SPRAY!

Magnesium for Neurological & Neuromuscular Conditions

Mg calms irritated and over-excited nerves. As a result, muscles relax, tension dissipates, breathing becomes even, and our frame of mind is more calm and focused.
When Mg levels are low, nerves lose control over muscle activity, respiration and mental processes. Neurological benefits of restored Magnesium are:

  • Reduced electrical excitation
  • Blocked release of acetylcholine
  • Blocked N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) glutamate receptors - an excitatory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system
  • Calmness of mind and nerves
  • Relaxed muscles
  • Even breathing
  • Rub a few sprays of Magnesium on your upper chest area, armpits and neck — very effective for Lymph areas on the body. Take your time to rub well. Close your eyes to immediately lower your brain wave activity to more calm levels. Rubbing loosens up toxins, cellular debris and built-up Calcium that can then be eliminated through the Lymph system.

  • Rub a few Magnesium sprays into your scalp (not too much or your hair may feel “oily”). Massage deeply, with eyes closed. This is very calming, yet energizing for the mind.

  • A facial spray of Magnesium is very refreshing. Your face carries a lot of natural daily tension, and it contains numerous Lymph nodes around the mouth, nose, eyes and ears.. Massage well with eyes closed, wait 20 minutes and wash off with cold water. Your skin will glow and you will feel fresh and relaxed.

  • Restless legs and twitching muscles:  Immediately apply Magnesium spray and massage well with a great deal of love. Within 20 minutes, your body will have absorbed the Magnesium to quiet things down. Apply more, if necessary.




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The term

"Magnesium Oil"

I am confused with the term "100% Magnesium Oil." Is MgCl an oil from seawater? — I don't understand.

I'm also confused about the way Magnesium products are labelled.


"Oil" became the way to describe its oily-like texture upon immediate application or feel (rubbing between the fingers). The MgCl brine is simply reconstituted concentrated MgCl in pure or distilled water. There is no oil at oil, period!  :)
Take a dip in the ocean, Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake, and come out — it's that feeling of nonoily "oiliness" that when dried has a slight salt-like residue on the skin.

When you see products described as Magnesium Oil, or Magnesium Spray, or Transdermal Magnesium Chloride — they describe the same thing, mostly a topically applied product. It is how the product is formulated with other ingredients (or not), and especially how strong they are made that create product differences.

The use of the term "100%" refers to the purity of MgCl. This means that after specific and multiple distillation from deep seawater, it is free of any contaminants, metals, flouride, etc. that immediately neutralize Mg and make it unavailable to the body. It also suggests food-grade quality. The "purist" available for human use that we use in all our Magnesium Spray products is 99.97%, which is about as close as you can get to 100%, eh?

Absorption time How quickly does the Magnesium Chloride spray absorb into my skin? Does it smell? It absorbs very quickly. Leave on for at least 20 minutes for maximum absorption of Magnesium.  A slight “salty” residue may remain which can be wiped off with a damp cloth (rinse well after use). A slight “oily” feeling will occur if a lot is applied. Plain Magnesium oil has no odor.
Rash & Tingling I experienced a slight rash and tingling sensation at the location I applied the Magnesium spray. Why?
The tingling sensation is a result of the Magnesium entering the skin, which is harmless, and isn’t always felt. Rashes occur because of a concentration of toxic substances in your body, the rash being the point of detox your body is using to eliminate them. These are also harmless. In order to prevent rashes from occurring, simply dilute the magnesium oil 1:1 with pure water. Remember, this is a concentrated product.
Daily Dosage What is the maximum daily dosage of Magnesium spray?
There is none. By spraying Magnesium onto your skin, rather than ingesting it as a supplement, you bypass the problem of the gastrointestinal barrier. Excess magnesium in your intestines is not absorbed, just eliminated. Consequently, oral Magnesium has very little bioavailability, perhaps 5-15%. Transdermal Magnesium, however, is largely absorbed (97-100%) and used by your cells on location
Precautions Are there any precautions to using Magnesium oil?
Do not apply it to your eyes or into your nose. This would cause irritation. Applying Magnesium oil onto open wounds will cause stinging, but will also increase speed of healing. It is very difficult to overdose on transdermal Magnesium. Very, very large amounts of magnesium, if the body could ever handle that amount without serious diarrhea, would cause softening of the muscles and low blood pressure.
Skin Irritation

I have sensitive skin. Will it cause irritation?

Yes it may, probably appearing blushed with some tingling. You can dilute the Magnesium oil to a proportion that is comfortable for you, if you wish. After 20 minutes, wipe off with a COLD damp cloth; apply a good skin moisturizer, if desired.
Children's Use

Can children use the Magnesium Spray?  

Children have a much better supply of Magnesium in their young bodies, so they don’t need as much transdermal Magnesium. A very safe strategy is to use ½ the dosage on the bottle, using our 100% Magnesium Spray Lite.
Lymes Disease

I have Lymes Disease and suffer from chronic fatigue. Can Magnesium help?

Most diseases majorly deplete stores of Magnesium in the body each and every day. Exhaustive research indicates major Magnesium depletion in many of the diseases faced today, including heart, diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, cancer, alcoholism, Lymes, etc.

Yes, an assertive Transdermal Magnesium Therapy program is appropriate. Apply to most of body twice daily for the first 1-2 months — strive for a minimum of 1200 mg of elemental Magnesium up to 2000 mg. Your body will absorb and use only what it needs, which is probably most of any available Magnesium that is offered.

Rubbing in well

Why do I have to rub the Magnesium Spray well onto my affected area?

Rubbing and massaging increases the circulation of Mg through contracted and spastic muscles. It improves Magnesium absorption into muscles and joints, helping to improve blood and lymph circulation.

Finally, massage is important to help the Mg circulate, dissolve and flush out tissue and joint calcifications (offending calcium accumulations)

Alternatives to using a topcial spray

What other ways can I increase my Magnesium intake, other than a topical spray?

Generally, there are 5 ways to take-in needed Magnesium: a transdermal topical spray, lotion or gel (optimal bioavailability); oral supplementation (very low bioavailability and affects GI tract); soaking in Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) water (medium bioavailability); Intravenous (IV) infusion under medical guidance; Food sources with Magnesium content (natural bioavailability if food is from organic soils that are nutrient-rich).
Full body application

What do you mean: “apply a full body wash” of Magnesium?

Apply to affected body location, AND apply to the commonly accessible Lymph nodes around the body (neck, shoulders, arms, armpits, inside elbows and knees, breasts, pelvic area, calves, etc.).
Also rub onto bottom and top of feet, and top of head for instant absorption.

Try to plan a full body wash according to activity levels planned for the day, and when desiring a shower. For example, if you are planning an assertive activity, apply beforehand for energy charging, muscle and joint relaxation, and mental focus and calmness. Many people do a full body wash, wait 20-30 minutes, and then take a shower. You will like how your skin looks and feels!

Scent of spray

Do your sprays have a smell? How long will any scent last? 

Our Optimal, Pro-Active, and Just for Women Spray are infused with therapeutic-grade organic essential oils that have a short-lived scent. When initially applied, there is a specific “bouquet” to the spray.

However, this scent dissipates rapidly in a few minutes as the oils permeate dermal layers. Afterwards, your skin may have a subtle, fresh natural scent, feel smooth and silky, and look vibrant.

Residue on skin

What do I do about the residue on my skin after using the Magnesium Spray?     

The slight salty residue remaining after absorption and drying of the Magnesium spray is normal. It may feel similar as when drying off from swimming in the ocean before showering.

After at least 20 minutes, you can wash the residue off. Cold water is most refreshing, especially a washcloth or full shower. Our sprays that have essential oils in them help hydrate the skin; therefore, you may experience less residue.

Using a skin moisturizer

Should I apply a skin moisturizer after using the Magnesium Spray?      

This is up to you, depending on your skin condition. We have hydrated our sprays with specific essential oils that provide both deep therapeutic health benefits and excellent skin nourishment and protection. However, the skin is a very hungry, sponge-like organ and may need to be moisturized to your liking after washing off any residue.

Try to use natural moisturizers without unnecessary chemicals and additives. Aloe Vera, coconut oil, hemp oil, Argan oil, almond oil are excellent simple and inexpensive natural moisturizers.

Plain spray availability

Do you make just a plain Magnesium Chloride (MgCl) Spray?

Our 100% Magnesium Lite, and Regular, sprays are plain. However, they are not simply MgCl dissolved in water, like most products in the marketplace today.

We infuse our distilled water with organic Chamomile essential oil, or Rose Absolute (for Just for Women). This leaves no lingering scent (if any at all!), and yet it invaluably “softens” the Magnesium Chloride brine, or “oil”, for better skin absorption and therapeutic conditioning.

Sports training

I am an athlete in training. How should I use a Magnesium Spray, and what strength?

Any person engaged in assertive or prolonged activity depletes Magnesium very rapidly. The reason is scientific: Magnesium catalyzes cellular energy, known as ATP. Our body manufactures over 400 pounds of ATP (and its correlate ADP) every day as pure energy to drive our body. High activity, or even an immediate injury or onset of illness or disease, depletes Magnesium that must be restored. Otherwise, fatigue, among numerous other symptoms (including muscle cramping or spasms, mental anxiety, etc.) may be evident.

Among our Magnesium Sprays, use Pro-Active or Optimal. Apply full body, or so, before your high-energy activity. Consider afterwards as well, if really drained — apply, wait 20 minutes, then shower or wash, or simply move on with your day.

Post-surgery use

I recently had a surgery. Can Magnesium speed recovery and healing?

Transdermal application of Magnesium Chloride would be perfect for post-surgery. It will hasten regeneration of skin, decrease scarring, and keep skin moist. At deeper levels it will move throughout the body, especially the recovering area, and guard the aggressiveness of Calcium to enter injured tissues and joints, or to assault the blood cells.

Magnesium sparks the DHEA (“rejuvenation”) hormone in our body; it also activates Glutathione (the mother of all anti-oxidants) critical for cellular regeneration, among other mineral and enzymes critical to health and healing. Any amount of Magnesium you take will be helpful, a higher strength spray being best.

Wash before use

How important is it to clean the skin before applying the Magnesium spray?

The objective is rapid and optimal absorption through the skin and dermal layers and into the bloodstream. The slight salt-like Magnesium brine/oil opens up the pores for immediate 100% absorption within 20 minutes.

Having any cosmetic, lotion, residue, film, oil, or whatever on your skin will prevent the best therapeutic absorption possible. So, wash before applying. Or, apply well to your general bare skin if it is not dirty.

Expiration date Do the contents of my bottle of Magnesium Spray ever expire, or lose their potency? No. Everything is “suspended in animation” in the distilled Magnesium Chloride brine. Just shake well before every 3-4 sprays to fully mix anew.
When to apply during the day What is the best time of day to use my Magnesium Spray?

Creating a routine is invaluable for bringing more Magnesium into your life. A morning routine of applying to any affected areas, but especially to some Lymph node areas, will catalyze good energy and help one face what for many is a typical day of stress and wear and tear on the body.

A late afternoon application can be added if you have an assertive approach. This recharges and regenerates; it calms the body and mind in preparation for sleep later.

If you miss the morning, then mid to late afternoon is fine. We caution applying within 2-3 hours of bedtime — the Magnesium may bring a surge of energy into the body that may prevent quick sleep (however, once asleep, most people doing Magnesium Therapy report very deep, uninterrupted sleep during the time they are sleeping).

Sleep issues I have sleep issues. Can a Magnesium Spray help? Yes. Magnesium catalyzes the sleep-aid and calming hormone, Melatonin. Most people doing Magnesium Therapy report increased uninterrupted deep sleep, when sleeping. (i.e. if you only sleep two hours, it may be very deep and not tossing, turning). A regular strength Spray would do fine.
Sleep issues

I have been having trouble sleeping since starting to use your Magnesium Spray. I thought it was supposed to help me sleep. What’s happening?

The easiest way to explain is Depletion. Your body most likely began Magnesium-deficient. Magnesium is both activating and calming, according to its catalytic role with other minerals and body systems. So, it will give you both energy as you need it, and very good rest when you are resting. Magnesium restoration during the first 1-2 months may affect sleep patterns initially. A good sign that you ARE getting the benefits of Magnesium Therapy is that when you sleep, you sleep deeply.

Don’t give up during the first month or so. A great benefit of balanced Magnesium stores in the body is very good rest and sleep, mental calm and focus, and adequate energy to meet the demands. It takes time to restore Magnesium because it is daily and regularly depleted as part of aging, stress, injury and disease. And, because it is water-soluble, Magnesium is very vulnerable to heavy metals, environmental toxins, fluoride and the like that will fully neutralize its use in the body.
How long to use?

Will I need to use a topical Magnesium Spray for the rest of my life, to guarantee I get the amounts of Magnesium my body needs?

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy should always be about a multiple-strategy to sensibly get the Magnesium you need, and to keep it.

First, is to restore Magnesium levels, and this may take 1-6 months of regular daily supplementation.

Second, identify optimal sources of Magnesium such as your fresh food supply, plants you can grow in your garden that are Magnesium-rich, and a trusty bottle of Magnesium Spray. You can also do Magnesium soaks using Magnesium Chloride (best and safest bioavailability) or Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) crystals. Other products include gels, lotions, lip balm, deodorant, but these are less effective.

Third, create a lifestyle that does not deplete Magnesium in the first place — stress control, proper supportive diet that includes key vegetables, seeds and grains rich in Magnesium, etc.

Elderly use

I am elderly. Will a Magnesium spray help me?

As we age our body dries up and becomes more rigid. There is a scientific reason for this (and Calcium plays a key part).

Magnesium catalyzes hundreds of enzymes and hormones into action. DHEA, the “longevity hormone”, is one. This cellular and metabolic regeneration give us energy, more fluidity and movement; it activates yet calms the nerves and heart and mind; it combats all those signs and diseases of aging. Any older person should invest in more Magnesium, and a topical spray is perhaps most effective.

Children safety

Is a Magnesium Spray safe for children?

Yes. However, children generally have a very good storehouse of Magnesium, and benefit from more Calcium when young.

Our Magnesium Lite Spray is safe for children and their skin. We suggest starting with lesser amounts, perhaps diluted, as a way to ramp into the normal Lite strength.

Magnesium deficiency epidemic

You say that Magnesium Deficiency is “the silent epidemic.” What do you mean?

Exhaustive research for numerous decades has continued to show the same common denominator in all major diseases, and in traumatic injuries — severe Magnesium depletion.

Research has also shown the dramatic and often miraculous turnaround of disease conditions when Magnesium Therapy is engaged. The problem is that the medical (AMA is an example) and pharmaceutical industries that control the direction of health care today are not willing to publicly acknowledge that a very inexpensive intervention is possible.

In truth, a mineral cannot be patented, and that is a big problem in a medical industry driven by profit and proprietary protection. By its complacency, modern medicine allows a very silent and unnecessary epidemic of Magnesium deficiency to pervade the world, and especially Western societies in which stress levels are high while mineral content (including Magnesium) is non-existent (or practically so!) in agricultural soils and our fresh foods.


Can I overdose on too much Magnesium?

It would very difficult, the reason being that the body depletes a lot of Magnesium every day and this must be restored.

It may take 1-6 months, depending upon dedication and regularity, to restore balance in the body; so, overdosing during this time is very unlikely. The fact is, the body will only use and store the amount of Magnesium it needs; so, again overdosing is difficult. Common medical precaution about overdosing describes how muscles may soften, and one may have abnormally low blood pressure.

Eczema & rough skin

I have eczema and dry skin, and easily get rashes. Is your Magnesium Spray safe for skin issues?

Most people report immediate benefits to their skin when commencing Magnesium Therapy. There needs to be caution, however, as we have noted for others and ourselves.

Skin irritation may result, although it is harmless and demonstrates a release of toxins from dermal layers. This usually occurs within the first month or so of use. The face is especially susceptible to redness or blushing. It is hard to imagine that a very positive cellular regeneration process is taking place and that we need to be patient.

However, if uncomfortable, stop use for a day or so, or dilute a small quantity with distilled water and test for strength on some safe skin location. When comforting your skin or face after use, always use soothing cool water. Use our LITE Spray.

Oral supplementation

Can I use an oral Magnesium supplement along with my Magnesium Spray?

Yes, but oral supplements have very low bioavailability for the body, perhaps 5-15%, in part because of their laxative effect on the body before the Magnesium has an opportunity to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Another reason for low bioavailability is that the chelated Magnesium in oral supplements actually turns into unusable Magnesium Carbonate inside the body, not the vitally needed Magnesium Chloride. You can consume constituted Magnesium Chloride crystals in distilled or pure water in small quantities for better absorption than capsulated supplements, but the laxative effect is still present, unless you adjust ingestion to bowel tolerance through experimentation.

Source of MgCl

I have read not to buy Magnesium Chloride associated with the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake because of pollution. Everyone says the best is from ancient seabeds in Europe because of purity of the 250 million year old seawater. Then there is Nigari from Japan. What are your thoughts about these sources?

MgCl is a by-product of the production of salt. Seawater is the source of numerous trace minerals as well. To retrieve the various minerals requires distillation, and that is the key. To make the highest purity of food-grade Magnesium Chloride requires numerous steps of distillation, and possible introduction of organic distilling agents.

The argument about whose MgCl product is best appears to have become an Internet marketing campaign. Any food-grade MgCl should be contaminant-free (okay, 99.97%!), and all companies we have reviewed appear to strive for this via their distillation system. The major reason they strive for such purity is obvious:  metal contaminants, radiation and the like will neutralize Magnesium’s therapeutic value, period. What company would knowingly create a worthless product by manufacturing it incorrectly to eliminate its value?

Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Sulfate are used extensively in medicine everyday throughout the world. Every heart attack (cardio-infarction) immediately gets a shot of MgCl to the heart to calm it down! All aquariums, from huge SeaWorld’s to desktop, use Magnesium Chloride water to keep the water clean from algae growth and other impurities. Nigari (the coagulant of tofu) is a vital food and beverage source in Japan, manufactured from deep seawater by strictest of multiple distillation methods to obtain pure Magnesium Chloride.

Signs of success

What are some general ways I know Magnesium Therapy is working for me?

Six common indications of better Magnesium balance in the body relate to:

•    Energy   (increased with mental calmness and focus, less feelings of stress)
•    Skin
        (improved texture and glow and pliability)
•    Sleep      
(improved, deeper)
•    Pain
        (dissipation or relief)
•    Muscle
  (relaxed; reduced spasms, twitche's, cramping, restlessness)
•    Cheerfulness (better attitude about things, simple contentment)

Of course, there are numerous other indicators (lower blood pressure, flexibility, fast healing of open wounds or bruises, improved nail strength/flexibility, to name a few).

Arthritis How does increased Magnesium help arthritis?

Arachidonic acid is reduced following Magnesium supplementation, which leads to reduction in arthritis problem. The whole issue appears to be excessive Calcium intake that leads to deposition in Calcium as well as acid forming foods which leech out Calcium from the bones into the tissue itself. Hence, use Magnesium to apply to arthritic areas to reduce arachidonic acid that induces arthritis.

Arthritis I've read that increased Mg may actually cause arthritis. What gives?

The worsening of arthritis because of increased Calcium deposits turns out to be the use of medications like the popular pain-killer, Celebrex, that actually worsens or deteriorates the joints.

In scientific terms, Celebrex only inhibits COX-2, which reduces the pain, but leaves the prime cause of the arthritis, which is Arachidonic Acid available to convert to a joint destroying LTB4 by the lipoxygenase pathway.

Testing for Mg Levels in the Body Before I begin Magnesium Therapy, how can I determine already existing levels?

Looking at Magnesium levels is important when addressing the issue of whether or not you may be deficient in Magnesium. Because symptoms and conditions caused by Magnesium deficiency are similar to many symptoms and conditions related to other causes, Magnesium deficiency can be difficult to diagnose and that its symptoms often are misdiagnosed or attributed to other causes.

Normal Magnesium Levels in Blood

When considering low vs. normal Magnesium levels in blood, it’s important to bear in mind that serum (blood) Magnesium levels do not correlate with levels of magnesium in muscles or cells. In fact, this factor contributes to further masking the presence of magnesium deficiency.

The body holds blood levels of Magnesium at a fairly constant level of 1% even when experiencing an overall condition of deficiency. This means that blood tests often cannot reveal Magnesium deficiencies, and therefore may not be reliable for determining Magnesium status in the body. In fact, Magnesium levels’ normal range is from 0.7 to 1.0 mmol/L and typically remains at these levels eve in the most severe cases of magnesium deficiency.

Tests for Magnesium Blood Levels

Magnesium blood levels may be measured by several types of tests, and most accurately by Magnesium loading tests. However, loading tests may need to be requested by patients because health care providers may not suspect Magnesium deficiency, particularly when the focus remains on treating symptoms.

Given the fact of widespread Magnesium deficiency, Dr. Mark Sircus, author of the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, suggests that one of the best (and easiest) ways to determine Magnesium deficiency is to apply MgC ltransdermally in low doses, and then to assess improvement of symptoms that can occur within minutes, hours, or days. This method is simple, non-invasive, and effective largely because conditions marked by pain or muscle tension can show immediate improvement as Magnesium penetrates skin. This is one of the unique benefits of transdermal Magnesium therapy.

A test for cellular magnesium called EXATEST is available at

Our Sprays
Compared to Others
What makes your sprays unique compared to all the others on the market?

There are several reasons to consider any of our Sprays:

•    Purity of ingredients — all "gold standard", food-grade, contaminant-free, and organic
•    Distilled and pure water — most producers don't show on their labels what type of water they used to constitute the MgCl crystals/flakes; only distilled or pure water can be used — other types may contain contaminants, metals, flouride or chlorine that neutralize Mg
•    Chamomile or Rose Water base for MgCl — these exceptional therapeutic essential oils serve to soften the general saltiness of the MgCl. They are outstanding skin nourishers.
•    Therapeutic essential oils — therapeutic-grade organic essential oils are infused specificially for their known therapeutic qualities for various conditions. This is what makes our sprays very unique.
•    MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) — ALL OF OUR SPRAYS INCLUDE MSM. This highly known aid for joints is standard in all our sprays. We have found that it also softens the MgCl brine. The synergy of Magnesium with Sulfur is important. MSM is inexpensive; many companies add it to their product, however, and sadly charge more because of this "Bonus-added" ingredient that probably should have been there in the first place!
•    We are a family of health practitioners and herbalists with decades of experience working reverently with plant-based remedies. Our small family-owned and run business is internationally known for our organic herbal products and our expertise in nutritional gardening and composting, and our 22-acre Cortesia Sanctuary. More specifically, we have full control of the creation process of our products. Our herbal macerates steep for many weeks for thorough infusion. We then create specific remedies in small batches every week so that optimal freshness and potency is guaranteed. The product you get did not sit on a shelf or in a warehouse — you receive it within days of mindful and loving creation.
•   We believe in strong family, or "tribal", values — treating everyone with the same respect and kindness and consideration as we would our own. Ours is a very personal relationship with our customers, and one based upon compassion and education. Knowledge and will are key to personal health care. We believe in promoting a knowledge of health care on our website, blog, any social media, or in a consultation. Many people are disenfranchised with the impersonal nature of the medical system, and often their own health provider. We hope to remedy this in the way we treat people, Mother Nature, and ourselves — with reverence for life and health.

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These are authentic comments from real people using Magnesium Therapy.
Because of privacy issues on the Internet, we eliminated reference to names.
Read the personal story of C. Forrest McDowell, PhD (co-founder of this website & Cortesia Sanctuary) treating Lyme's Disease and depression with the help of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy   HERE


Body Odor Reduction
I have noticed that, when I apply it directly in my underarms, it makes body odor go away in a matter of minutes. It stings lightly for a little bit, but it really works for me. I have to use it for a longer time and experiment as far as how often I need to use it for this purpose.

One more thing that I have been doing is rubbing a tiny amount of the spray on my feet every night, so far, I have not noticed any major calming effects or even much better sleep (I have trouble falling asleep, it takes me a long time), but I wake up a bit more relaxed and my feet are soft. I just hope I am not overdoing, or throwing anything out of balance.
Mg Saturation I applied (or rather slathered) magnesium spray to most of my body for 3 days, twice a day, but last night I felt I had enough magnesium in my body and stopped applying the oil. When I first started the therapy I felt I couldn't apply enough magnesium! My body was just eating it up. But amazing after just 2 days my body feels fully saturated. From my research, I was under the impression that I would be applying oil for a couple months before my body got up to speed with the magnesium, but apparently that is not the case. I still very, very relaxed. Curious to see how long the magnesium stays in my system before I feel the need to apply it again. Very interesting!

Relax Sore Muscles

Glowing Skin

It takes exactly 20 minutes once I apply the magnesium spray to feel the calm effect in my head. Takes the same amount of time to relax any sore muscles. I have been leaving it on 20 minutes and then showering it off.

Okay, here's one of the best things about the magnesium spray beside the calming effect — it causes the skin to glow and become unbelievably soft. I started to put it on my face, first to see if it would relax the tension in my jaw (it does), and then to see what effect it would have. Quite amazing. Looks like I've just had an expensive facial... that's the glow you get from it. My nails are not as brittle and have been growing like gangbusters. I have to trim them every few days.

Since I bought enough magnesium chloride flakes to last for a decade (see my other posts), I have been giving it away to friends at karate. One friend has told me that he wakes up in the morning with lose muscles if he applies the oil the night before. This is fantastic because my friend is a personal trainer and also trains very hard as an international karate competitor. Another friend who has been applying the oil absolutely loves the glow it gives her skin. She never misses a day!

Facial Redness

Eye Fatigue Rx

On the face: sometimes the magnesium spray makes my face slightly red and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know why. I slather a good moisturizer on afterwards because it tends to dry out my skin a bit. People who are trying it on the face for the first time should proceed carefully and wash it off if they feel it burning. Probably not a good idea to try magnesium on the face if you've been out or are planning to go out in the sun.

I've also discovered Magnesium spray is fantastic for eye fatigue. I massage a little in around the temples and then dab it on my eyelids. Do not apply it underneath your eyes! Ouch!! I've accidentally gotten some in my eyes, but washed it out with cold water and was fine.

Facial Redness I noticed after applying Magnesium Chloride to my face that it really stung and went bright red like bad sunburn. It was really burning, so I applied milk to neutralise it which worked and my face went back to a normal colour within an hour. I had been putting it on my face everyday without this happening, so I am unsure why it decided to burn that time. Unless I had put something on my face prior? I can't remember. But I am very cautious about putting it on my face now.
Frozen Shoulder Release

I have been suffering with frozen shoulder for two years. My doctor advised to continue my Physical Therapy exercises and if it didn't get better, I could get a cortisone shot or perhaps surgery. I haven't been back. They gave me ibuprofin and I was taking it a lot but started to worry about liver overload and other effects.

This FS condition has severely impacted my life in so many ways! I was gettting so sick of the constant pain and sleepless nights. I found "Frozen Shoulder Friends" page on Facebook and it has been a lifesaver--just to connect with other people suffering with this. (I recommend other FS sufferers to check it out--great group of folks with lots of humor which helps when you are in agonizing pain.)

A few days ago, I read up on transdermal magnesium. I began applying the Magnesium spray, massaging it into my shoulder and then to my arms, legs, and feet. I WAS ASTONISHED BY THE IMMEDIATE RESULTS! ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED.

First, I am a chronic insomniac and had the best sleep I've had in YEARS..
Second! Within an hour or so, my Frozen Shoulder went from OW OW OW! To mildly achey. I could NOT believe it. My range of motion (before I hit the pain mark) increased a good 12 inches upward.


Heel Bone Spur
Magnesium changed my shoulders very quickly. The pain in the middle of the night, and not sleeping well was intolerable. I began Magnesium Therapy and it truly is a miracle cure and could help so many. My boyfriend used it on his heel spurs, fixed them too. He was a total skeptic until then. It's awesome stuff!!

Neck Bone Spur

Nightly Leg Cramps

The MgCl spray also helped the bone spur in my husband neck almost immediately. He was amazed and is telling all his friends. And is giving out samples. LOL
My nightly leg cramps, charlie horses , foot and hand cra'smps have been so greatly reduced I'm ecstatic.

Reduced Swelling

Muscle Relaxation

I have been using transdermal magnesium therapy for three weeks and have not noticed any swelling or edema at all. It will relax all your muscles and tissues so that muscle elongation and function is improved. You will be amazed at the feeling of muscle relaxation that ensues if you rub magnesium spray into the soles of your feet at bedtime, or if you take a hot footbath with 2 ounces of magnesium oil in the water. I have examined my ankles where swelling is most likely to occur and have noticed none. Hope this helps.

Heart Rate

General Circulation

I have been applying magnesium spray to my chest once a day for heart palpitations. I haven't had any palpitation since the day I started. I also noticed one day that my palms and fingers were turning pink after applying the oil. I usually wash the oil off my hands right after application. But since I suffer from cold hands and feet, I decided to leave the magnesium on my hands for a good 10 minutes. The improvement in circulation to that area has been astounding! It only lasts about 12 hours
Nightly Leg Cramps Topical use of magnesium is effective for me in reducing and eliminating nighttime muscle cramps, predominantly in my legs.

Muscle Cramps & Knots

Back Pain Relief

Pinched Nerve

Calcium Spur on Hand

Neck Flexibility

Body Odor Reduction

I was constantly suffering from Knotted Muscles and occasionally Muscle Cramps which I found hard to understand as I do not work physically hard. I have been working in an office-based role for the last 5 years but had to have a regular massage of at least once a month and sometimes more. I spent a lot of time researching the problem and discovered it was a lack of Magnesium that was causing these issues. It all made sense.

I decided to use the Magnesium transdermally as it was the quickest way to absorb it into my system. The results have been astounding. I have been taking the Magnesium for 3 months now and these are the results I have found so far:

1. The Muscle Knots and Cramps have dissapeared almost completely - I still get the odd Cramp but it is very rare now and have not had a Muscle Knot in my back or legs since.

2. I have suffered from a bad back for about 15 years now in which an operation was advised (I refused!). Now I can work as long and as hard as I want to without worrying about being laid up in bed or suffering from days and days of back pain.

3. For 15 years I have had a pinched nerve in my back resulting in numbness from the top of my left calf all the way down and right through my ankle - 70% of that has dissappeared and I now have feeling back in that area again. I could not believe it and it keeps getting better.

4. I had a build up of solid excess Calcium on a knuckle on my right hand which was the size of an Olive - it has almost gone completely. I have since found out that a lack of Magnesium prevents the body from getting rid of any excess Calcium.

5. My neck was starting to freeze up and I could barely turn my head at all - it has now reversed that problem and I can now turn it both ways just like I did before.

6. The most impressive part of using Magnesium was a side effect which I was trying to find another cure for - Excessive Sweating. For 40 years I have had to put up with this embarrasing issue. It has dried up and I no longer have to suffer from this any more. I am still working on that and cannot say yet whether it is permanent but the signs so far are very encouraging.

Hair Benefit

I have also found that Magnesium Chloride spray makes a great styling product for your hair. Just don't use too much or you hair will look oily.

Shoulder Pain,
Heart Rate

I am having no foot or leg cramping ever since I started. My sleeping has been so heavy and so sound, I like to call it a near death sleep, it's that deep. A pain/stiffness I had in my left shoulder down to my elbow is easing up (will report further in the future on this). My heart palpitations are steady, no more jumping around of beats which get kind of scary sometimes.

Muscle Spasms

(clenched jaw)



Since I was a teenager, I have been taking magnesium supplements and though some forms worked better than others, none of them brought me the balance I needed. Recently, I started Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and it changed my life. No more muscle spasms, no more jaw clinching, no more sleepless nights but better energy, more stamina, more relaxed and definitely good nights of sleep. It makes a big difference in my life. I must say that at the beginning of the treatment, I used to place a bit of "magnesium oil" in my hands and rubbed it on my body; it made me feel relaxed and I could feel the difference. However, it all improved drastically when I started the "Magnesium Foot Therapy." I simply use a large dish, pour 1/2" of warm magnesium oil in it and soak my feet, watching a movie or reading.
Raynaud's Disease

I have suffered with Raynaud's for the last 10 yrs and have tried many different supplements without any success until this last week. I am so excited to share this with anyone who has to endure Raynaud's since it seems to get worst in most cases as it has in my case.

I read that MgCl helped people with Raynaud's. I have been using it for the last four days faithfully with the temperature ranging from 20 to 45 degree's here and I have only had one tip of one finger turn white or loose blood!! This is amazing since just last week when my husband dropped me at the door of the supermarket so I would only be exposed to the cold 30 seconds, I would lose the blood circulation in all 4 fingers on both hands and all toes on both feet.

This is a great improvement in just a few days using the Magnesium spray so I am very excited and wanted to share.

Women's Period Relief

I have noticed my bad back & shoulder seem better, my nails look terrific, and I feel more relaxed. Also, my period is starting on day 28 for the first time in years and it is much less severe in every way (lighter, almost no cramps).

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Begun January 2015   •   More to Come!

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD

A leading medical authority on the subject of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. His book is a classic, available now as a e-book. 

This short video features Dr. Sircus


Dr. Carolyn Dean    

A leading medical authority on Magnesium Therapy. Very passionate and outspoken about its healing affects. Excellent book.

Website: Dr. Carolyn Dean

This video highlights Dr. Dean's views on the need for Magnesium Therapy


Dr. Scott Health   

A pleasant, upbeat presentation about Magnesium Deficiency by a young doctor.

Dr. Osborne

An excellent video on factors causing Magnesium Deficiency

National Institutes of Health

Excellent overall presentation of Magnesium and the issues and needs for it today.

Ancient Minerals

Excellent educational information; expensive Magnesium products; extensive Internet marketing. This company is directly connected to the work of Dr. Mark Sircus and Magnesium Therapy.

Dr. Mildred Seelig

A leading researcher about Magnesium and its health benefits.

Her website has extensive information about her work:

Dr. Mildred Seelig

Her book is available at Amazon:

The Magnesium Factor


Dr. Jay S. Cohen

Dr. Cohen has a dedicated holistic approach to medicine, based in Florida. The following website highlights his work and books:

Dr Jay S Cohen

His book can also be obtained at Amazon:

The Magnesium Solution

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by C. Forrest McDowell, PhD

Sometimes as health practitioners we find ourselves faced with health challenges ourselves. At age 66, I have been fortunate to live a healthy life with no major medical intervention necessary. But healthy diet, exercise, stress management, and peaceful living aside, I contracted Lyme’s Disease in 2011 — it has changed my life forever in numerous ways.

ForrestLet me first share some things about me that make my approach to self-care quite different than most people. In a way, I have chosen my life as an experiment to determine how much I can take care of myself outside the established medical system. I have successfully avoided doctors, hospitals, medications, invasive surgery, or the like for any of my ailments or injuries. Instead I have studied anatomy and folk medicine and the psychology of illness most of my life, seeking the most practical and least expensive, commonsense (but historically documented) ways to treat myself.

The major health challenges I have faced in life are depression, chronic fatigue, and Lymes Disease. The lifelong depression certainly was from many years of emotional and physical abuse in my family, and continued into the over 34 years of partnership with Tricia (the master herbalist responsible for all our herbal remedies). I always considered the fatigue as simply part of life. But, Lyme’s challenged me beyond comprehension.

I did not know I had Lymes Disease (LD) until too late. We live amidst 22-acres of woods and gardens and are always out in nature. Our cats are outdoor-indoor, and we periodically need to remove tics from them. We are used to getting “owees” and insect bites. Sometimes there is swelling or redness, but you simply clean it and slather some good healing salve on it and you’re good to go. Days after bitten, a telltale red bull’s eye appeared at the sight of the bite just below my right ribcage.

I did not connect the bite to flu-like symptoms, and then so much more that appeared within the first two weeks. So I treated myself for flu and low energy, which included nausea, vomiting, fever and achiness. Curious about the appearance of the red bull’s eye, I identified its association with a dreaded tic bite and Lymes’s Disease.

How I have treated my Lymes’s condition naturally, from detection in February 2011 through 2014, is another story altogether that I plan to share another time. The first 2+ years were HELL, as I tried to understand the pattern connecting all my symptoms. My herbal therapy helped tremendously but still left some healing work undone. Perhaps the major consequences of my conditions were needing to give up performing concerts and playing/studying my lifelong love, the guitar (I am back to playing again, after healing!), writing because of lack of mental focus, and lack of stamina and motivation. Here is a list of my symptoms (classic signs of LD when seen as a whole):

  • Achy and stiff joints, especially limbs; swollen joints in hands and fingers
  • Depression and listlessness, often severe
  • Brain fog, short-term forgetfulness
  • Muscle wasting
  • Nerve sensitivity
  • Minimal appetite, weight loss
  • Chronic fatigue, loss of motivation
  • Loss of stamina and endurance
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Fever and chills (alternating)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bronchial infections
  • Gastrointestinal sensitivity
  • Sleeplessness and disruption of sleep patterns
  • General mental anxiety, lack of situation-appropriate calmness, variable anger outbursts

I know many of you believe me a fool not to get medical help. However, the controversy about Lymes’s Disease is so huge in the medical community that I simply did not want to get caught up in the same medical-diagnostic run-arounds that I read so many others experiencing. Besides, I began to treat LD as something necessary in my life: instead of an enemy, I saw it more as a blessing to help me refine my dietary lifestyle, exercise patterns, use of plant medicines, and level of faith in healing.

In Spring 2013, I had a severe deteriorating bronchial illness. I lost 23 pounds in 30 days (down to 153 lbs for a guy over 6 feet tall!), and severe coughing caused a torn rotator cuff. And that is when things turned around.

Buried in a medical article by a doctor investigating LD, was the statement that LD patients are severely deficient in Magnesium. This is because the Borrelia spirochete in LD uses Magnesium for its own destructive ends. At the same time, I became aware of the power of restoring essential micronutrients into the body via juicing. I was determined to fight the disease/bacteria with an onslaught of vitamins and minerals straight from the organic plant or food source — juicing and diet.

I began a dedicated juicing protocol that also included herbal tonics sipped throughout the day (specifically oil of oregano, clove oil, lemongrass, rosemary, and others individually, not mixed together). Vitality and health began to return, and quite quickly!

In June 2014, however, I was still dealing with moods, lack of motivation, and chronic fatigue — these and other body aches that still slightly lingered as a result of my injuries in 2013. That is when I finally made the connection between many of my symptoms, and lifelong depression and moodiness — all these pointed toward a significant deficiency: Magnesium. I learned then that most diseases and injuries cause significant Magnesium deficiency, as thousands of research studies have shown.

mgforrestcoloradoI immediately began a Transdermal Magnesium Therapy program, twice daily doing a full transdermal body spray with Magnesium Chloride. I used a regular strength spray at the time. I knew my vegetarian diet, and juicing, were providing a good and natural supply of Magnesium and other important micronutrients. Altogether, I probably was loading up over 2000 mg of Magnesium daily, and it mattered!

The benefits were almost immediate — the first month of use was absolutely amazing:

  • My depression and mood shifts ceased, replaced with an elevated sense of spirit
  • Mental alertness and clarity replaced brain fog and short-term memory loss
  • Mental calmness allowed me to feel more relaxed amidst stimulus, stressful or not
  • More energy, and lasting energy
  • Sound sleep (when asleep) — little interruption, although still sleeping in 2-3 hour shifts; awaking feeling fitful (it took a couple of months for me to finally be able to sleep almost all night without interruption — a boon for waking up rested and ready to go!)
  • Skin: soft, smooth and glowing; skin spots lightening; skin tags flaked off
  • Pain relief, period
  • No aching or stiffness in joints, especially hands and fingers; arthritic swelling gone
  • My shoulder injury began immediate recovery and strengthening with full range of motion
  • Muscle wasting stopped and weight gain commenced

In mid-July 2014, I had an opportunity to test Transdermal Magnesium Therapy on a silly back injury sustained in the gardens — I broke a couple of the lower floating ribs in a blunt force accident. I immediately applied MgCl spray several times the rest of the day and rested. Although an injury of this type simply takes time to heal (4-6 weeks), and usually causes initial bruising and muscle trauma, I did not experience this. This is worth noting: little or no interrupting pain, no bruising, no stiffness; simply quick and silent healing over those weeks of convalescence.

It is one thing to feel the difference that Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and a supportive diet can do for one personally. However, it is what closest family or friends witness that is revealing. Perhaps the most dramatic results my family saw in me have been more mental and emotional balance and calmness with no moods or depression (i.e. more cheerful and easy going), definitely more energy and vitality, and a more glowing appearance (Mg is great for the skin!).

I have become a student of the overall concept of Magnesium Therapy and its effect on numerous conditions. It has helped our family, especially Tricia with skin cancer, and our 30-year old daughter, Sonji, with her GI, skin and mood/depression concerns (all resolved!). I am aware now how many, many other life conditions are dependent upon the proper supply of Magnesium in the body to deal with them. My lifelong moodiness and depression lifted almost immediately, in spite of years of other attempts to treat it naturally, just by restoring optimal Magnesium levels. No more using an abusive childhood home life as a reason; I understand now how chronic low-grade stress felt everyday can significantly alter chemical balance in the body, majorly depleting it of the most important mineral — often called the “king of minerals” or the rejuvenation mineral — necessary for energy, regeneration, and calming of mind and nerves.

mgforresttriciaIn self-care, we sometimes fool ourselves by imagining improvement simply because we want it so bad! However, I have nothing between me and my food source and herbal interventions, including Magnesium: no drugs or medications, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy and the like all of which deplete Magnesium dramatically from the body. For this reason, I believe I have a very clear sense of what works and does not work for me.

I have tremendous faith in healing once we have the essential knowledge necessary to adapt healing strategies to our needs. I am not big on platitudes, but I am willing to say that Magnesium Saved My Life. After recent years of chronic conditions, and lifelong depression, I feel more empowered than ever before. I also have a go-to strategy that is incredibly inexpensive and often immediate in its benefits: bringing more Magnesium into my life, and definitely more LOVE!

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